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Are you passionate about creating change? Are you a foundation that wants to grow? Are you a company that believes in doing well by doing good?

Or are you looking to find a charity that you could volunteer or donate to, but not sure where to turn for answers? Whatever it is you seek… You WILL find a connection at Giving Warriors!

Are you a passionate – and compassionate – giver?

I think you are. That’s why I’d like to tell you about a new innovation service for Givers like you.


The special place where Givers meet

to SHARE their successful efforts

and inspiring victory stories!

Giving Warriors is a series of podcasts that keeps you up-to-date on the latest solutions to today’s humanitarian needs. We “meet” via the podcast on the Giving Warrior website, and connect with leaders who are passionate about creating positive change. You’ll hear interviews with the people whose work spans diverse fields, to help their fellow men.


Our goal?

To INSPIRE you by freely giving and sharing success stories and innovation that can help change the world! Whatever your mission is, you will find a strong, beneficial connection at Giving Warriors.  By subscribing to Giving Warriors, you can be a force for GOOD, part of an army of CHANGE, and a legion of POSITIVE forward action. Please accept this heartfelt invitation to connect with your fellow humanitarians and expand your horizons. It promises to be an experience you’ll treasure, a helping hand that will guide all your good work!

Take your first step today.

Subscribe HERE and you’ll have instant access to this heartwarming source of what you need for your philanthropic efforts.

I know you’re going to love it!

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