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Giving Warriors is a podcast series of today’s most inspiring stories about leaders in nonprofit and for profit organizations striving for social innovation.

We exist to help those who are passionate about creating change in the world to connect, collaborate and contribute.

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Giving Warriors provides a platform for the inspiration and manifestation of social innovations for global change through collaboration, leadership, and empowerment.

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About Giving Warriors

Giving Warriors is about a vision for the world. What if you contributed out of love instead of obligation? What if you donated for more than the tax write-off? What if you acted out of compassion rather than duty?

These are the prevailing questions of Giving Warriors. We want to be a force for good, an army of change, and a legion of positivity. We believe the group is stronger than the individual. Community is a state of mind, not an exclusionary force based on a predetermined set of beliefs.

Nonprofits have the ability to transform society by connecting communities. Leveraging our talents and gifts, we can achieve a global initiative.

Transformation occurs first in the heart, then the mind, and touches the world through action. For those who are passionate about making a positive change, whether you an established organization, a novice, a foundation wanting to grow, or you have interest in finding a charity that you could volunteer or donate to, you will find a connection at Giving Warriors.

Why Companies Need to Get Involved

A 2013 study by Gallup called the The State of the American Workplace identified that 70% of workers are actively disengaged or not engaged. A 2014 Gallup-Healthways well-being index cited that only 48% of Americans rated their work environment as “positive”.

Corporate culture mirrors the attitude of the leadership. What if organizations invested in their employee’s well-being? What personal contributions to charities shifted to corporate responsibility?


The challenges facing humanity require solutions involving cross-sector collaboration that extend beyond the reach of individual organizations. Fundamental to our approach is to unite leaders from both nonprofits and for-profits and provide a collaborative platform to build and sustain a prosperous global society. Companies have opportunities to foster development in the community by serving as a forum to the community, engaging everyone in openness, participation, and innovation.

Giving Warriors believes motivated, engaged people are more productive because they find value and pleasure in their chosen fields. This causes a ripple effect. Their joy resonates with their family and friends. They come to work happy and driven for success, leading to a generous, prosperous, corporate culture. Your team is diverse, your company strong, what possibilities await if you are generous to your employees and they to you?

The Heart of the Matter

Years from now will you look back upon your life with regret or smile at the joy you gave to others? For most of us, achievements such as education, promotions, salary, cars, houses, are the cornerstone of who we are. We let them define us. Yet, if you notice, you will never hear a eulogy about how much money you made while alive or what type of car you drove. Instead, we focus on who we were as people, what kind of friend were you? What kind of husband? Son? Brother? Daughter? These are the things that bind us together.

Stress, pressure, and the demand for increased productivity exist in both the profit and non-profit world. However, when blinded by numbers on a spreadsheet, sales figures, and bank accounts, we lose sight of what we set out to accomplish. Did you create your company to make money or to solve a problem and help others? For those who are busy doing things, they never take a moment and be. Your life is shaped by what you feel and think. It creates your world.

We invite each and every person we meet to examine their lives. Do not just write the check to show how compassionate you are. Be compassionate in your everyday life. Listen to the struggles of others, share in their burdens, respect their hardships, and be their advocate. Live your intention today.

And always keep in mind the wisdom of the Greek philosopher, Socrates, who asked, “What is a good life?”

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Change Lives
Create Now
DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage
Educate Lanka
Empty Hands Music
Executive Coaches
Fire Fighter Cancer Network Support
Finding Freedom
Fountain of Hope Life Center
Freedom and Fashion
Friends International
International Justice Mission
In True Fashion
Junior League
Just Like My Child
My Arms Wide Open 

Pearl Project
Ragamuffin Project
RiverKids Project
Rock Against Human Trafficking
Senhoa Foundation

Shinta Mani
Susan G. Komen

Talk about Curing Autism (TACA)
Three Development

UpRising Yoga
Vitamin Angels
Unstoppable Foundation
Make a Wish Foundation
World Vision
Women of Vision

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Chrysalis Enterprises

KIND Snacks

Travel Giver

Join Altruist

Shinta Mani Resort

Third Alarm Coffee 

Tangram Gardens

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Glenn Morshower (24 hour TV show)

Bill Sterlie (Communication Specialist

Carlton Wilborn (Madonna’s Leading Dancer, Speaker, Coach, Actor

Winnie Sun (Wealth Management Expert, Charity GateKeeper)


Gray Keller – Everyone Wants Your Money

Jared Kleinert – 2 Billion Under 20

Larry Johnson – Sustainable Fundraising

Lee Anderson – Unsung Heroes Cambodia

Richard Orlando – Legacy (Hidden Keys to Optimizing Your Family Wealth Decisions)

Sharon Lechter – Think and Grow Rich for Women

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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Gandhi