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My mother said our good life in Vietnam ended when my father was sent to re-education camp for fighting on behalf of the South Vietnamese army. After that, my mother struggled to raise us on her own. At five years old, my sisters and I worked, begged, and yes stole so we could put more than rice on the table.

When my father returned my parents scrimped and saved so that by the time I was eleven, they said we could go to America. The United States was supposed to be our salvation from life under communism. All I knew was that my parents were tearing me away from the only life I knew. I had to leave my friends and family behind for the promise of a better life.


In the interim years between immigration and college, my family gradually drifted apart. Each of us took different tracks to survive in America. It wasn’t easy. Language barriers, racism, bullying, and the scarcity of money left little for a family unit. When it came to college, I knew what I wanted to study: finance. It seemed to be the answer to our problems. I learned about investing. I wanted to know what made Bill Gates become so abundant that he could give ninety percent of his wealth away. What made Warren Buffet, Warren Buffet? What was the difference between the haves and the have-nots?

Real Estate became an early avenue. During college, I worked with several real estate companies but it wasn’t until my employment with Affinity Neighborhoods where I saw impoverished neighborhoods revitalized by improving homes values. This in turn raised their standard of living along with stronger sense of community. I began to see communities were more powerful than individuals. More importantly, collaboration could lead to affluence.

For me, it was never about the accumulation of money for its own sake. Instead, it was an attitude of generosity and genuine helping which changed lives.

After all, if it wasn’t for the U.S. government’s generosity on immigration, my family might not have survived communism. The fact is everyone could do this for themselves. If companies like Affinity Neighborhoods existed to inspire community investments, then more cooperation and collaboration would affect a larger region. We each are given a generous spirit. However, we can extend that kindness to an everyday activity rather than just when natural disasters strike.


After seeing lives improved by the compassion that the leaders of Affinity Neighborhoods had, I decided to focus my efforts in charities/non-profit. For several years I freely volunteered my time because I was so passionate about this cause. I assisted in fundraising, going door-to-door, making cold calls, networking. I helped coordinate events, planning and organizing. I travelled halfway around the world for a month to see first-hand the poverty in third world countries, reminding me of my own childhood. When I compared my own life before America and those in third world countries to the standard of living I had while working at nation-wide real estate companies, I was compelled to find a way to bridge that gap.

They say all roads lead home. My own road took me back to Affinity Neighborhoods and their leadership. Companies making a difference in communities. Companies who cared about more than profit. Affinity Neighborhoods wasn’t the only corporation out there like this. I found several in my travels. Tom’s Shoes, Feed, Bridgeway, Virgin, Shop a Little, Give a Little, Krochet Kids, One Laptop Per Child…etc. All organizations with a social meaning behind their work.

I hope that our show can be that bridge to bring insights on what the power of collaboration can do between nonprofit and for profit sector, through inspiring conversations.

I invite you to join me in every conversation and participate in this
collaboration movement


About Dominique Silverman

Dominique was born in Saigon and moved to United States at 11 years old. She graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a degree in International Business and Finance. 

She currently resides in Tustin, California with her awesome hubby (who is a genius writer/author). Dominique enjoys the simple things in life, being silly, geeky science facts, yoga, martial arts, meditation, dancing, outdoors, and activities that challenge her comfort level.

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