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Tapping into your Inner CHILD

So, as we Giving Warriors carry on focused on our own missions of good-doing, it might help every once in a while to stop, take a breath and give into our Joy. Yep, for a moment, just one moment, jump in that puddle, take out a crayon and draw

And the WINNER is…

Thank you so much everyone for participating in the podcast giveaway contest… We really do appreciate you taking out the time to subscribe, leave us a review and partake in this fun contest at Giving Warriors… We are thrilled to celebrate 3-month mark since the launch… The moment of

Think Global, Act Local…

Think global, act local. The phrase entices us to connect with thousands of others in remote, exotic locales through awareness and action and immediacy. Of course, there are many different ways to act upon global thinking, many of which are available here at Giving Warriors. And, the impact we

Robin Williams, Simon Sinek and the search for meaning…

As the world mourns the loss of comic, actor, philanthropist and cultural icon Robin Williams, many struggle to understand chronic depression and the depths to which that tunnel of darkness can go while others continue their own descent and wonder if ever they’ll emerge from that tunnel of loneliness.

One dollar does good – Innovation in Non-profits

Sometimes, wanting to help the world can seem daunting – REALLY daunting, especially for those with big, open hearts just ready to give and love. It’s like where can we begin? Fighting poverty and malnutrition? Where – how can I choose just one place over another, everyone is deserving


Art is freedom. Art is expression of the words we don’t have the strength to say. To create art is to pull a piece of one’s self, and let it out into the world. Painting, music, dance – these art forms have been used for thousands of years, as