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Giving Warriors FAQ1. What is Giving Warriors show?

Giving Warriors is a collaborative platform that connects individuals, communities, non-profit and for-profit companies to innovate for compassionate change.

By focusing on a message of generosity, listeners will learn what makes a non-profit successful and how social enterprises in the for-profit world can spearhead a Giving Revolution.

2. Why does the Giving Warriors show exist? What will I learn from listening to it?

Giving Warriors connects individuals, communities, non-profit and for-profit entities to build and sustain a prosperous global society through a forum of engagement, participation and innovation.

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3. What is a podcast? Who listens to a podcast?

A podcast is an audio file (.mp3) that you download from the Internet. You can download it or listen to it directly. Or, you can subscribe to it through a podcast directory; the world’s biggest being the Apple iTunes store. (BTW, it is completely FREE to subscribe and download our episodes. iTunes has approximately 1 billion listeners and growing.)

4. Why does Giving Warriors use a podcast medium? Why not video?

There is nothing wrong with video, but in my experience, audio is infinitely easier for people to access and listen to. Video requires the viewer to stop what they’re doing and watch. Whereas audio allows the viewer to drive, exercise, clean, or do whatever they want – so the chances of listening are increased significantly.

I can’t tell you the number of emails I get from listeners saying I keep them company at the gym, on their commute, on a walk through the park … even in bed (seriously!) 😉

5. How do I subscribe on iTunes?

The best way to get all the new episodes automatically on your listening device (computer, iPad or mobile), is by subscribing – it will download the new episodes for you automatically. CLICK HERE to learn how.

6. How do I leave a review on iTunes?

Thank you for asking this question. We encourage our listeners to leave a review on how listening to our show is helping you to take your next step in giving – whether giving yourself the opportunity to finally start or create a foundation you always wanted, or a social business that can do well by doing good, to participating more by giving your time, expertise and resources to those organizations you believe in.

CLICK HERE to learn how to leave a review.

7. How do I suggest a guest on your show?

If you know someone who would like to be featured on our show, please email us at and share with us in 350 words or less reasons why we need to hear your story and share it to the world. We look forward to hearing your amazing stories and sharing your expertise

8. How does Giving Warriors help me as a guest?

Opportunities for you to:

– Share your story with the world

– Help others with passion to be inspired and learn from your story

– FREE exposure on our marketing costs.

9. I love Giving Warriors, how do I support the show?

We are glad you asked;-), there are several ways to support us:

– Subscribe, and give us review on iTunes and Stitcher. We love to hear from you and how we are doing as well as how the show is helping you to step up your game in making the greatest contribution you can.

– Share the show with your friends and family (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Youtube)

– Support our work by DONATING HERE

The team at Giving Warriors strives to provide you with conversations that empowers!  We appreciate and need your support to continue with our mission to provide expertise, insights as well as wisdom to help you start, and grow your passion.  Donations will go directly to paying our operations cost to produce stories covering the latest and greatest expertise.

Thank you!  Sending much love and support your way.

10. How many episodes are available on each week?

There will be 3 episodes release each week, Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

11. Where can I listen to the episodes?

You can listen to the episodes from iTunes, Stitcher or just tune in directly from our website’s Podcast Page.

If you didn’t find your answers here, let us know how we can help you by emailing us at Give@GivingWarriors

Or you can always GOOGLE  it HERE;-)

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