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G008: KINDNESS just takes on a new HOT level: Third Alarm Coffee

third alarm coffee


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What do firefighters and coffee have in common?

Rich Brocchini!

Today’s guest on the show, Brocchini is a firefighter, author and the founder of Third Alarm Coffee. Five years ago, Rich decided to act upon a longstanding dream – to open a coffee company. His dedication led him to create Third Alarm Coffee – a firefighter and family owned coffee and tea company.

The company supplies retail establishments, restaurants and the hospitality industry. It has a fundraising division and fire station division. It donates a portion of its proceeds to the Firefighter Cancer Support Network. This episode is about service of two kinds, and the bond that Third Alarm Coffee creates between the two.


The Missing Link: Brocchini’s passion to serve did not stop at the fire station. He decided to fulfill his dream of opening a coffee company, years later. One in every three firefighters will be diagnosed with cancer due to their work environment. With Brocchini’s dad being a cancer survivor, and this glaring number, it was only natural that Third Alarm Coffee would create a beautiful connection.

One Name, Two Meanings: Third alarm, in firemen’s language means a huge fire. Third alarm also has another meaning – time for everyone’s favorite morning beverage!

Third Alarm Progress – in a nutshell: The company started out by providing coffee to fire stations in San Diego. The coffee was first approved by firefighters (they’re the toughest critics!) before the company expanded to restaurants, cafés, and the local hospitality industry. Third Alarm is getting into retail, now – hotel chains, grocery stores, and an Amazon vendor. They even set up their own Drive Thru, just over a year ago!

Daily Challenge: Although Brocchini faces the everyday challenges as a fairly new entrepreneur, he says that the biggest test is the competitiveness of the coffee and tea industry. Brocchini knows that the fear of failure is very real. But he also believes that the universe sends gifts along with each challenge.

Strike a Balance – it’s important!: Third Alarm Coffee is dedicated to helping firefighters, but it is also a for-profit business. Rich tells us how imperative it is to strike a balance between the goals of the organization!

Attitude of Gratitude: When asked what his proudest moment, Brocchini says that his pride comes with thanks. He is grateful for all the people he has met, the business relationships that have bloomed into friendships – all because of Third Alarm’s mission.

Get Real: If a company stands for a cause that they believe in, the consumers will feel their passion, and buy their product. Third Alarm’s customers love their coffee, and their purpose!

He’s also an author!

Rich Brocchini has a desire to inspire people so that they can be their best. He has used his varied experiences, and turned his passion for giving into two fantastic books. A Fresh Reminder (2013) and Things You Should Do But Don’t (2011) both talk rediscovering what you already know – small acts such as keeping aside ten minutes to recharge yourself, each day, and drinking more water – to live a better life.


Rich has always led an inspired life. His transformation has led him to dream big for Third Alarm Coffee. He wishes to see a world full of people, living their best, and giving their best. He works long hours to deliver quality products, to serve his country, and fight for firefighters. His ultimate goal is to see Third Alarm Coffee Co provide complete financial support to FCSN.


A Fresh Reminder by Rich Brocchini

Things You Should Do But Don’t  by Rich Brocchini



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