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GW002: Story Selling with Zack Rosenberg from DoGoodBuyUs

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Are you searching for natural, sustainable and high quality products, but don’t know where to find them? Want to master the art of “story selling”?

Meet Zack Rosenberg – a social entrepreneur and Founder of DoGoodBuyUs – an organization that creates a hub for socially conscious brands. After a career in advertising working for companies such as BuzzFeed, WebMD, SmartBrief and others, he turned his attention to transforming the world through business.

Zack shares with us, his journey with DoGoodBuyUs, where it began, the slightly challenging but very personal system of functioning, and the organization’s daily evolution.

The rise of social entrepreneurship, aligning products with values, launching new partners, and a mission to empower consumers to change the world – don’t forget to tune in to today’s episode!


~ Inspiration in Unlikely Places – How a trip to the supermarket results in the conceptualization of the largest marketplace of Goods that Do Good (with some help from his three year old son).

~ A note to young entrepreneurs – don’t let lack of experience scare your dreams away. Test and learn. A fresh pair of eyes brings new perspectives to business!

~ Selling vs. Story Telling – Selling products is a thing of the past. Sell your stories. Zack shares with us, how a simple product like bug repellent, made it possible for twelve women in Tennessee to go back to school – on scholarship!

~ Working Backwards – It is a struggle, to plan for the future, when we can only see what’s in front of us. When Zack confronted this challenge, he used the philosophy – “This is our goal, now how do we get there?”

~ Cross Border Impact: Zack’s favourite success story – “Thanks to our work with you, this is what we could accomplish.”DoGoodBuyUs in partnership with MalaikaForLife, helped supply medicines to over 400 people for malaria, all the way in Tanzania!

~ Determinants of a Strong Partnership – Why it is important to love your product, and make us love it, too!

~ Zack’s best advertising strategy… it’s the email! – Check out a new perspective on an old favourite – why it works so much better in the midst of social media marketing. Be smart, be savvy.

~ “Call us!” – DoGoodBuyUs develops products for all kinds of companies – from Fortune 500s to small non-profits. Its mission is to see their business model becomes so ubiquitous that every product is made in a socially responsible way.


Zack Rosenberg drove straight from the grip of the corporates into the world of social entrepreneurship. He stopped accepting the situations that life presented to him, and thought of how things could be.

This shift in perspective allowed Zack to create DoGoodBuyUs. It allows him to succeed, every day. It allows him to notice the finer details of life that he may have overlooked before.

This shift in perspective is what makes Zack a warrior. A Giving Warrior.


Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, Simon Sinek



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