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GW005:Mindful Moves: TravelGiver with Kimi Anderson



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Ever wanted to contribute to a country you’re visiting, but didn’t know where to begin?

Today’s guest is Kimi Anderson, Founder and Director of TravelGiver, who talks about the growth of ethical travel, and the need to educate compassionate travelers.

After completing a Bachelor of Business degree, Kimi spent three years backpacking, working briefly as a security guard and in a chicken factory to fund her travels.

Knowing how fortunate she has been, by way of giving back, she launched in May 2013!

TravelGiver allows socially conscious travelers to support a philanthropic project of their choice, while they travel.

Instead of the commission from airlines and accommodation providers going into agents’ pockets, they’re channeled towards a grass root initiative set up to assist communities in need.

You get the itinerary to suit your needs – but you also get to choose a charity to benefit from your booking. You may even add projects to the website – TravelGiver acts as a forum that promotes projects and helps to raise funds.


~ With 250 projects from 50 countries, TravelGiver is a platform to promote NGOs all around the world!

~ Kimi Anderson defines SOCIAL ENTERPRISE!

~ Using the website in three simple ways: RESEARCH, CONTRIBUTE, and VISIT!

~FOREIGN EXCHANGE: The Biggest Complication

~ COMMISSION COMPETITION – the way the travel industry works. A win-win situation for business partners of TravelGiver

~ SOCIAL MEDIA – using Facebook carefully to engage people, and being wherever the customers are!

~ Kimi’s biggest OBJECTIVE in creating this organisation

~ Advice to travelers on CONSCIOUS TRAVELING – it’s guaranteed to be the greatest part of your trip!

~ Kimi’s Vision for TravelGiver – Kimi hopes that the re-launch of the organization will take TravelGiver to a whole new level – the first choice portal for travelers, everywhere! There’s no reason for travelers not to use TravelGiver, when it isn’t costing them a cent extra – they just need to take that one extra step. As long as people know about TravelGiver, and it becomes a household name, they can make an informed choice, themselves.


Every time Kimi has a bad day, she reminds herself to enjoy the simple pleasures of life – like picking up her daughter after school!

She counts herself lucky to have found love in TravelGiver. Kimi’s strength lies in her family and friends, who encourage her to follow her dreams.


The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama (1998)



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