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GW027: Sky is NOT the LIMIT with Space United



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SpaceUnited Development Engineer Adam Brinckerhoff was born and raised in Springfield, Illinois, not exactly the hub of the international space industry. But when he was nine, he saw Apollo 13 in theaters and everything changed. Ron Howard’s masterpiece about the true story of three astronauts who embark on a life-changing mission served as a theatrical window into what was possible outside of the American Midwest world that Adam knew.
Adam was drawn to SpaceUnited because it allows for the public access to space that he feels everyone in the world has a right to.Today, Adam talks about science, space and how the organization wants to revolutionize technology to help the world.

~ New Beginnings: SpaceUnited aims at being a public space agency where people can come together online, and accomplish anything from small rockets to large spacecraft programs.

~ Humanitarian Astronauts: The organization rewrote its mission statement to include space exploration and a humanitarian aspect, which sets them apart from most non profits.

~ Not Just NASA: Whether you have a passing interest or a deep passion for space, SpaceUnited wants to connect the space industry and the general public.

~ What We Do is Different: Adam talks about SpaceUnited’s biggest challenge – communicating their mission to others. Their ultimate goal is to use space technology that already exists, for humanitarian needs on earth.

~ ImageGryphon: ImageGryphon is a project that connects satellite image providers to non-profits. Imagery of weather ravages, drought, and deforestation can be used by non-profits to solve problems.

Adam reveals how ImageGryphon works!

~ Dispelling Financial Myths: Adam breaks down the cost of using a satellite – he gives us reasons why the money that SpaceUnited uses is money well invested. It can even save lives.

~ Who uses this imagery?: In underdeveloped countries, satellite images provide the only available data in a quick, large scale format. This allows non-profits to provide relief to affect communities.

~ The Importance of Timestamps: Adam takes us through the process of procuring satellite images for a particular purpose, in a particular region of the world.

~ Open Solutions: The one stop shop for imagery data for any individual or organization that is ImageGryphon’s aim.

~ Space Funding: SpaceUnited is not a 501(c)(3) organization yet. There are financial hurdles. But SpaceUnited has a unique model, and Adam reveals how sponsorship via matching donations works.


The big difference between then and now, is big. Adam is still interested in discovering more, and exploring space. Today, he has a deeper sense of appreciation and pride for what he does. In his previous jobs, there was a missing piece. He knew that space technology could be used for a humanitarian purpose, and it just so happened that a transfer to Colorado lead him to his dream job at SpaceUnited.

He leaves us with an inspiring message – accept when you’re wrong about yourself. Don’t be afraid, and don’t stop until you find what you’re passionate about.

Giving Warriors means…

Giving means providing for others, and not just money, but time, care and expertise. Warrior brings to mind a battle to support people. It is a powerful word. Adam believes that if we are going to work together to improve lives, we need to march on, together.

Nothing that we do will work if we do it alone.


Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries



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