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GW031: Unleash Your SUPERPOWER with A Human Project

A Human Project, Wesley Chapman

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Wesley Chapman is the definition of innovation.

The homepage of his website displays the words “I am on a mission to share, explore and humanize the world around me.”His “About” section is in the form of infographics.

Most of his answers on today’s show are accompanied by references to Marvel comics and Star Trek.

This entrepreneur had a harrowing childhood. He started his own business at age 8. He has helped build over 5000 brands. Today, he is the Co-Founder of a non-profit called A Human Project, whose mission is to create a community of empowered youth.

Join us in a beautiful conversation as Wes covers everything from marketing strategies to reviving that beloved point system we had in kindergarten, to turn the youth into strong human beings, ready to make a difference!


~A Human Project: Wesley is open about his past – abandoned and abused as a child, he didn’t allow circumstance to define him. He introduces his mission, a Human Project, to create a community of empowered youth.

~Breaking Cycles: Taking cues from Captain America, Wesley explains how humans adapt to harsh situations. At 16, he broke free of the situations that shackled him. It was this moment that drives the Human Project.

Strengthening the minds of the youth and supporting them through recovery is the ultimate aim of the project.

~For-Purpose: Wesley talks about the “tag” that people put on organizations that do good. He wants to differentiate his project from the rest.

~Youth Outreach: The brand of A Human Project is “organic growth”.

Without any advertising, this project grows through its vast social media outreach to the youth, and its participant.

~The Elmo Effect: One child’s problem is never bigger than another. Wesley elaborates on the Elmo Effect, which explains who joins A Human Project.

~Back to Basics: Wesley talks about the different approaches (including a point system) that A Human Project uses to create feelings of success, responsibility, power, and “Wow, I built that!” in the youth.

~Challenging the Status Quo: Curiosity without limit is dangerous. But a certain degree of vulnerability is vital for the growth of any non-profit.

Every non-profit should start thinking with a new perspective – really understand what your purpose is, tell your story in an honest way, be transparent and shift your mindset.


Wesley believes that he has been transformed by the youth at A Human Project. He has seen them change their mentality from, “There’s no reason to be creative or fun,” because life is too difficult, to “I’m going to create a YouTube channel to share my story with everyone”.

He equates this overwhelming feeling to the one that parents feel when their children enter the world. It gives him power to understand that who he is as a person, is someone very special.

And he wishes that everyone could understand that we are all rays of sunlight.

Giving Warriors means…

Being a warrior means being in tune with oneself and understand that there must be a grey balance between dark and light to transform those around you. It means to understand the power of light and dark, within.

A Giving Warrior is one who has the willingness to share that power with others. One who carries others to an understanding that all of us hold that power, within ourselves.


Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk

Pencils of Promise by Adam Braun



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