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GW033: Sports and Social Change with Howard Brodwin


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A sports marketing veteran of 20+ years, Howard has been actively involved with sports nonprofit organizations throughout his career. Over the past 23 years, Howard has managed marketing programs for a diverse group of sports brands and properties including Rollerblade, Powerbar, K-Swiss, Salomon, Tour Hockey, 3BA, and A-Game.

As Founder and Executive Director of Sports and Social Change, Howard provides cause marketing, brand strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility consulting for sports brands and properties, consumer products and emerging media firms.

His expertise includes brand positioning and activation, grassroots and experiential marketing programs, public relations and social media campaigns, as well as business plans, revenue modeling and partnership development.

Born and raised in West Orange, NJ, Howard currently lives in Los Angeles, CA and is an active roller hockey coach/player, skier and disc golf fanatic.

IN THE CONVERSATION, YOU WILL LEARN: The mission is to build the ultimate “all-star team” of organizations, athletes, teams, leagues, companies, executives and fans to initiate meaningful social change.

~ Creating Collaborations for a Cause: The website contains listings of NPOs that can be searched by cause, sport or location. The website is a platform for non-profits to share their work, and their events, to amplify their presence in the field – all free of cost!

~ Match-Making with Corporations: Howard’s organization educates non-profits in a manner that allows them to associate with corporations, and understand their role in such a partnership.

~ Invest in Cause Marketing: Howard advises our listeners to watch Dan Pallotta’s TED talk on “the overhead myth”. He implores non-profits to work with their donor base and Board to invest in marketing and PR to share their good work.

~ Beyond Cheque Book Philanthropy: The sports industry has a lot of resources and marketing muscle to offer, and there is a need to bridge the gap between those resources and the non-profits that work for sports-related causes.

Howard wants to use his organization to teach the people on the brand side of the table the importance of cause marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility, and social enterprise.

~ Communication – What Works, and How: Howard believes that both, the non-profit and the corporation must mutually decide their goals, and their means to achieve their goals. An authentic fit, the right relationship with complete honesty allows both sides to create the ideal mode of communicating their mission to the world.


Watching a collaboration come to fruition is what drives Howard. More success results in the drive to reach out to more people, and aim higher.

Being able to mobilize the global sports community, and showing them how sports are used as a platform for change, motivates fans to channel their passion into support for a cause.

Giving Warriors means…

Somebody who wants to dig in, and is willing to fight for something bigger than themselves.


The Winner Within by Pat Riley

Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson



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