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GW035: The FUNNEL of Greatness with Catherine Moolenschot


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Catherine Moolenschot is an inspiring speaker that started her journey of being a positive change agent at a very early age. At 13, she wrote and published her first book titled “A Rough Road” that was inspired by the plight of refugees.  At 15, she went on a year –long student exchange to the Netherlands which taught her a lot about herself and the world especially about what makes people they way they are. At 16 she began her journey to personal development by reading great books and interviewing highly successful people. It was also at this age that she began her journey towards personal greatness.

At 17, she began her speaking career and presented at Tedx about the funnel of greatness.

Catherine has always wanted to change the world and make it into a better place ever since she was a little world. At 19, she is one of the youngest people we have interviewed on the show.


The funnel of greatness. Imagine if you lived a life only filled with only greatness removing all the mediocrity from your life.  Hear how Catherine first got the idea to live a life filled with only greatness and continues to do so till this day.

~ Follow your heart. Catherine offers powerful advice for students and young people on how to overcome peer pressure in different situations and relationships. Are you conscious of the people and habits around you and how they affect you?

~ Are you a positive or negative person?  Catherine shares on how it’s possible to be more positive person and how it starts by first being honest with yourself about how you feel.

~ The Millennials age. Hear Catherine share on how she feels her generation is getting more involved and passionate about making positive change especially with the rise of the information age that is connecting more people around the world.

~ Lets talk about Ted X: How can someone get to be on Ted Talks? First off, watch a lot of Ted Talks!  Catherine gives us advice based on her experience bout what Ted Talks looks for, how they help during the experience and how you can get involved.

~ What’s Catherine up to right now: Listen to some of the inspiring activities and events that Catherine is participating in and how you can get in touch with her.

~ Giving Pro bono talks to charities: Hear how she gives back to charities in her own unique way to provide more value and impact in other people lives.

~ A rough road: Catherine talks about what inspired her to write her first book when she was 13 about the state of refugees and asylum seekers.


We all reach a point in our life where we realize that you aren’t being fulfilled in your life and need to be doing something that resonates within us.  For Catherine, she is living a life of fulfillment and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Giving Warriors means…

Catherine is a visual person. The first thing that comes to Catherine’s mind is a feeling of people banding together, similar to warriors of old, who have a sense of teamwork , camaraderie and tribe ship in making  something happen.

A warrior who has a sense of purpose but it’s for giving so it’s coming from a place of love and, and giving greatness into love.

One Last Thing

The last advice that Catherine has for the youth is to “Love yourself. Start the journey to learn what it means to love and support yourself. “


The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The New Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz



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