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GW037: 2 Billion Under 20 Movement with Jared Kleinert


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Jared Kleinert is an 18 year old entrepreneur, author and consultant who is passion driven. He is the co-founder of a book and organization called “2 billion under 20”.

At 15, Jared founded, an educational technology company that gave students access to tutors around the world via the web. Despite the fact it did not fully launch, it was a great learning experience and led to more opportunities.  At 16, he founded Synergist, a crowd sourcing site for social entrepreneurs to meet and share ideas about social initiatives.

Jared was also part of the early marketing and content creation at Learnist (originally Grockit) and is currently the Customer Success Advocate at 15Five, an employee engagement and culture company.

Jared attends and speaks at various events around the country focused on young entrepreneurship, social good and lean startup methodology.

Jared’s mission is to help people take control of their education and find and act on their passion.

He has been featured on Forbes, Fast Company and TechCrunch.


~ Crowd funding vs Crowd Sourcing. Jared explains the difference between crowd funding and crowd sourcing as well as some insights with his earlier company, Synergist.

~ Lessons when looking to crowd fund.  He shares about his experience with crowd funding and offers tips for those interested in using it for a project or start up.

~ Inspiration behind 2 billion under 20- Jared talks about the journey that inspired him to co-author the book,” 2 billion under 20” aimed at inspiring young people to follow their passion in life.

~ Characteristics on what it takes to be successful. Tune in to hear Jared’s take on what it takes to follow your passion and being successful based on the numerous stories and experiences he has come while interacting with numerous young achievers from all over the world. Gain inspiration from the personal stories he shares.

~ Who are the millennials . Jared talks more about the millennial generation, the misconceptions about them and the active roles that they play.

~ Getting a copy of the book. “2 BillionUnder 20” is set to be available in May 2015, (Get ready!). Listen to how you can get involved in the movement as well as learn more about what Jared is doing by going to his blog for more information.

Giving Warriors means…

This Is anyone who has found their passion and is acting on that passion in life. You are a giving warrior if you have started a non-profit and are trying to make that work or have started the preliminaries steps to make that happen through research or finding co-conspirators to make that happen.


The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill



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