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GW010: Changing Our World $1 at a Time with Jared Janes from JoinAltruist

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Jared Janes is young and hardworking. He calls himself a polymath. He wants to change the world.

But when you’re young and hardworking, and probably don’t have a large chunk of money to donate to a charity, what do you do?

Let us introduce you to Altruist. It is a crowd-sourced approach to giving. The goal is to get a large amount of people to contribute a small amount, and direct it towards one cause.

Janes launched Altruist in October 2013. Simple, realistic and manageable, Altruist asks a member to donate one dollar each month. 100% of the donations go to a reputable, well-researched charity, for a month.


~ What’s in a name?: Jared Janes defines the word and the brand.

~ Purpose and Passion: The Beginning of Altruist: The daunting idea of getting into philanthropy at the start of his career pushed Janes to create Altruist – a conglomerate of technology, marketing, and giving.

~ Where Does Your Dollar Go?

 1. Two books for someone in Africa

2. Investment in people and infrastructure to build sustainable communities

3. Research projects (like this one) that could lead to major breakthroughs

Altruist makes sure that each dollar spans across the entire non-profit field!

~ Smart Giving: Janes utilizes Charity Navigator and Guide Star to ensure that Altruist selects responsible, transparent organisations.

~ Social Media: Not a dollar spent on marketing: Altruist has created powerful personal connections, all through social media! Check out their Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, blog and Google+, and get inspired!

~ More Authenticity, More Credibility: Janes likes to ask out-of-the-box questions to non-profits – a fun fact about the founder, or a funny incident. Once people get to know those working behind the scenes, they become more willing to support their cause!

~ Partner Network: Companies or entrepreneurs make a commitment to contribute a dollar for every purchase of the product or service they offer. This donation goes to the selected organisation of the month!

~ Collaboration for Change: Social entrepreneurship is gaining momentum. Janes talks about using business to tackle challenges.


A self proclaimed nerd, Jared Janes is curious about the evolutionary mechanism that creates the need to give.

It’s simple to understand – spending time and effort to help people makes Jared happier. Being around people with the same motivation as him, gives him a beautiful satisfaction. It is refreshing and rewarding to see people do what they love, and work to serve the world.

With technology connecting people across the globe, he believes that we’re going to realise and remember and reconnect with the need to give.


How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie (1936)

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries (2011)



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