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GW016: ANGELS of AID with Vitamin Angels

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Vitamin Angels is a nonprofit organization, with a very important job. It provides the micronutrients required by developing infants, and mothers in need – in places where help may not ordinarily reach.

Today’s guest is Kelsey Maloney – the accounts manager at Vitamin Angels. Kelsey is thrilled to be part of an organization that shares her goals and values in international aid and development.

Her experience in disaster relief in Haiti and Chile combined with her passion for health and nutrition allows her to use her skills and knowledge to further Vitamin Angels’ goals of providing nutrients to children throughout the world.

After receiving her BA in Global and International Studies fromUCSanta Barbara, Kelsey spent 2 years living in South America teaching English, volunteering with local organizations, and learning Spanish and Portuguese.


~ A for Angels: A nonprofit organization that helps women and children who are chronically undernourished, Vitamin Angels provide the vital vitamins and micronutrients required for a healthy, productive life.

Their biggest program is Vitamin A supplementation, for children under 5 years old. Working in 45 countries, reaching out to more than 40 million children, the impact of the program is huge.

~ Partners of the Project: Kelsey talks about the qualifications of any partners wishing to work with Vitamin Angels. Vitamin Angels focuses on children and women in remote areas, the 30% that don’t have access to healthcare services offered by the government or the UN.

~ Vitamin Angels’ Biggest Challenge: The organization’s biggest challenge is to identify suitable partners who will help to reach out to their target group. VA has in-country consultants in India and a few Latin American countries, who help to create networks and co-ordinate the administration of vitamins, in those places

~ Engaging and Fundraising: Corporate sponsorships have been the basis of VA’s fundraising model. Some of the biggest names in the industry – Walgreens, Flintstones, Vitamin World, support this project.

Kelsey talks about their fundraising model, their methods of networking, and why it works.

~ The Economics of Vitamins: The balance between demand and supply is maintained by a logistics coordinator of the organization.

~ Efficient Operations: Kelsey talks about Vitamin Angels’ biggest strength – their organization.

The Vitamin A project costs only 25 cents per child, per year. They have been given a 4 star rating (the highest on CharityNavigator) for seven consecutive years. Over 90% of the funds go to their programs.

Partners and donors like the transparency. They are drawn towards an organization that is cost efficient and has a high impact.

~ Secrets of a Successful Collaboration: Kelsey reveals that the key lies in understanding the industry – understanding their business models, their marketing structure, and their brand.


Kelsey believes that sharing the stories of women and children that she’s met, makes her feel larger than herself. It is gratifying and satisfying to wake up in the morning, and feel part of a global community..

Giving Warriors means…

“Someone that’s committed to something beyond what they need to do – something that they choose to do to help others.”

Kelsey pictures someone with a very fierce commitment, and wakes up in the morning, and thinks of how they are going to help others.


Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder (2004)



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