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GW 018: Helping Nonprofits THRIVE with Executive Service Corps

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For every issue and every ill, there are myriad nonprofits in the world trying to help. And we all know the unfortunate reality that most are chronically understaffed and under-resourced, straining to deliver their vital services.

A non-profit that helps non-profits – heard that one before?

Here’s something different – a non-profit organization whose core consultants are top level executives from the business, government or non-profit field.

Oh, and one more thing – they’re all volunteers!

Today’s guest on the show is David Factor. He is President and CEO of Executive Service Corps of Southern California (ESC). In this role, David is responsible for setting the overall direction for the organization, which trains skilled volunteers to provide capacity building services to nonprofits throughout the region. Prior to being appointed President of ESC, David served as Vice President, Consulting Services.

David has nearly 30 years of experience serving charitable ventures, entrepreneurial and mature businesses, and the public sector. He is deeply committed to community service as a both professional and volunteer. David has consulted with social service and health care organizations, foundations, public-private task forces, religious institutions and organizational leaders.

Our mission is to strengthen other nonprofits through coaching and consulting services, helping them to more efficiently and effectively address the causes to which they are dedicated.  ESC can and does touch them all — in deep and long-lasting ways, we work with nonprofits of any size, with any mission, with virtually any structure.

ESC’s success for the past 32 years results from an approach that combines the knowledge and passion of our clients with the wisdom and experience of our highly trained volunteer consultants. This produces a powerful collaboration where we serve as a catalyst to help our clients resolve key issues and optimize their resources and efforts in serving their community’s needs.


~ What is ESC?: Executive Service Corps strengthens non-profit organizations to be more effective in addressing the causes they are dedicated to. Any size, any mission, any structure – ESC can help, from planning to implementation of the project.

~ Building Bonds: ESC works with up to 150 non-profits every year, and has 75 to 80 projects ongoing, at any given moment in time. This business model allows ESC’s consultants to expand their own knowledge, but it also creates a special bond with their clients.

~ High Calibre Consulting Core: Factor reveals the prerequisites of joining ESC as a volunteer consultant.

~ What do non-profits need the most?: ESC specializes in one-on-one executive coaching with a senior member or board member of the organization. This helps to individualise and improve the cultural philanthropy values of the organization.

~ We are not “One Size Fits All”: From skills development to strategies to planning to fund development – ESC does it all!

~ Defining Strategic Planning: David Factor emphasizes on the importance of planning in any organization, and tells us how it’s done.

~ The Common Challenge: Evolution: For existing non-profits and new ones, there is a constant need for evolution and development without which the organization may not reach their goal.

~ Improve by Improving: Funders and donors want to see a strategic plan from an organization that shows a clear purpose. Others want to see infrastructure that may help the project grow.

~ Build An Efficient Board: “You want to be people to be on the Board at last, not at first.”

Factor talks about the importance of having Board members that understand the organization well enough to make conscious, effective decisions.

And much more!


Every day at ESC, David gets to talk to communities of people who are “doing God’s work”, and doing amazing service to their fellow man, because that is how they are built.

This re-affirms David’s faith in the goodness of people. He can be happy living in his world, now. He knows that there are problems, but he also knows that there are people working to solve the challenges that our world faces.

“The fact that we at ESC can really help them do it better, makes it grand.”


Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t by James C. Collins



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