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GW019: BEAUTY is in the Heart of the Beholder with Miss UNAA 2012


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Two thirds of the earth’s surface is water. But less than one percent is available for us to use. People have to walk miles to fetch their daily supply. There still are countries that face acute water shortages.

From rainwater harvesting to cloud seeding, people are using innovation to ensure that others get their most basic necessity.

The Clean Water for Uganda Project was created to address Uganda’s water insecurities by supplying safe water solutions, restoring water sources and fostering community participation in water policies in order to reduce to number of water related illnesses and deaths.

The project was created and developed by Miss Uganda in North America – Hasifa Kivumbi. A fiery, passionate spirit, Hasifa joins us today to explain the working of the project.

She discusses technical aspects of the project. She talks about various collaborations that have improved the project. She tells us why the best business we could engage in, is giving.


~ Beauty is as Beauty Does: Hasifa introduces herself – she is Miss Uganda in North America since 2012, and has recently represented Uganda in the Miss Africa USA pageant. She was first runner up, and was awarded the Goodwill Ambassador award.

~ Kindness Connects: After being a member of an online platform which connected people thorough their small acts of kindness, Hasifa decided to create her project to provide clean water to the rural people of Uganda.

~ Safe Water Solutions: Growing up in Uganda, children spend 6 hours a day, just to fetch clean water. When Hasifa landed in USA, she realised that having safe, clean water allowed children to spend more time in the classroom.

Join us as she tells us more about The Water Project – to supply safe water solutions to communities, and educate them about health and nutrition.

~ Oh, Well: Cost effective and largely impactful – the project uses bore wells to provide water to communities. Hasifa talks about their partnership with the Uganda Water Project, SOYA, and the process of providing water to the people.

~ Volunteerism in the Community: Through their partnerships, volunteers pitch in to help with restoration of water supply. Hasifa tells us the dynamics of restoration of wells.

~ Planning and Locating; A chance meeting at a conference resulted in finding a field expert for Hasifa’s project. She reveals how the team locates the areas which need the project the most.

~ Meeting the President: Hasifa talks about the importance of sustaining a project with the local communities, so that there is a sense of involvement and ownership amongst them.

Hasifa has met with the Government of Uganda to work out policies that support access to safe, clean water in Uganda.

~ Clear Communication: The biggest challenge of building a team is communicating the mission, and find people who care about the bigger picture.

~ Message to a Miss: Hasifa sends out a message to all the participants and winners of pageants – be authentic about your intentions.

~ Aiming for the UN: In a year and a half, Hasifa hopes to reach out to the UN and expand her project to the entire world.


Hasifa believes that we’re only as good as our weakest link. We need to be responsive to our neighbor’s needs. It’s important to give because giving is the best business.

She wants to leave a mark on the world. It is important to let people know that we care about them. Her favorite Michael Jackson quote makes her want to bind her work to her life. By giving, she knows she has made a difference.

Giving Warriors means…

Robin Hood!

It means a spirit of collective kindness to all. When I think of Giving Warriors, I think of someone in charge for good.


Start Something that Matters by Blake Mycoskie



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