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GW021: A New KIND of Veterans Affair with I AM a PowerHouse



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Giving Warriors invites you to join us on a special journey today, with three beautiful guests on the show – Jovane Henry, Denika Mafnas and Toni Brooks.

All three served in the military, and the concept of giving back to their country led them to the creation of Powerhouse – giving back to the community that serves.

I AM a Powerhouse encourages, empowers and enhances veterans to become their best selves through self-reflection, personal development and transformative thinking.

Tune in and witness the sisterhood of three innovative and powerful souls who are giving back to the community that gives back.


~ Backtrack to Service: Jovane is the Chief Innovation Officer of Powerhouse – and a Marine Corps veteran. Toni served in the Army and Army National Guard, and is currently a fashion stylist. Denika served as a Mental Health Technician in the Air Force, and now she is a make-up artist.

These lovely ladies tell us their reasons for serving their country.

~ CalVet: It was fate – these three met at a conference, instantly felt connected, and decided to come together and form Powerhouse.

~ Encourage, Enhance and Empower: A lot of women veterans find it difficult to adjust to the workplace after leaving the military. Powerhouse helps themselves to find their strength and beauty – in and out. There is a sisterhood that connects everyone at Powerhouse:

~ Word of Mouth: The organization is thriving through word of mouth in the veteran community. They hope to become mobile soon – to tour the country and spread their message.

~ Resource Requirement: The Chief Relationship Officer goes out and tells companies what Powerhouse is doing. So far, they’ve never been turned down. Toni tells us about the resources required to help our veteran sisters.

~ Buddy System: Jovane, Toni and Denika talk about what they’ve taken away from their time in service – leaving no one behind, and the resilience learnt at boot camp. Collaboration and team work has brought the three ladies together, and made them more powerful.

~ Conscious Capitalism: Toni shares more about the merging of non-profits and for profits for a common cause, and how this bridge is perfect for veterans.


When one gets out of the military and air force, the pride of serving one’s country remains. The three ladies talk about giving to others, and giving back to communities.

The common factor in all three answers – when we give, we receive.

Giving Warriors means…

The perfect juxtaposition – warm, giving and friendly mixed with protective and fierce.


Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain



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