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GW024: Transforming EXCESS Inventory to Opportunity with Asset Conversion Corp




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What if we could take the waste from corporate giants and turn them into something useful? Here’s someone who knows how to do it!

Robert Diaz is responsible for business development at Asset Conversion Corp.   Robert has extensive corporate experience having worked as an engineer at GE Aerospace and as a Controller for Agilent Technologies.

Asset Conversion Corp (ACC) is dedicated to improving the operational efficiency of businesses and giving back to the community. ACC offers cost effective solutions for managing excess inventory, facility closure & liquidation, warehousing & distribution, and e-waste recycling. ACC gives back to the community through our Community Outreach Program which enables companies to turn their unproductive assets into a unique alternative means of funding for non-profit organizations.


~ How ACC Works: ACC is dedicated to improving operational efficiency. Robert Diaz talks about asset recovery and liquidation. He talks about the importance of correct disposal of waste, and its relation with the efficacy of any organization.

~ Three Pronged Service: Only 35% of electronic waste is recycled. ACC’s services help the environment, their clients as well as the society.

~ Non Profit Opportunity: Robert Diaz tells us about the non-profit angle to ACC. He tells us about the process of creating a partnership with an NPO, a company and ACC. How do you turn a company’s problem of excess inventory into an opportunity to give back to a nonprofit?

~ Material and Volume: ACC does not deal with any kind of toxic, explosive material or fire arms. It shoulders the cost of transport and storage of material, and Robert explains why it makes sense for ACC to deal with large volumes of inventory.

~ Diverse Funding for Non Profits: How does a company partnered with ACC approach a nonprofit? How does a nonprofit maximize its association with donors through ACC? Robert Diaz elucidates the benefits that organizations receive by collaborating with Asset Conversion Corp.

~ Global Reach: While ACC has been in operation for two years, the founders of the company have been in the business for over 30 years. ACC likes to deal with companies with global needs.

Robert Diaz encourages international organizations to connect with ACC.

Giving Warriors means…

Someone who has decided to dedicate their lives to giving back to others in an effort to making the world a little bit better.


As we go through life, we realize how fortunate we are – to be love, to be sheltered, to be well fed. This may be due to happenstance, and Robert knows that giving back not only helps others, but also helps the giver.


Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers



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