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GW025: Spiritual CAPITAL, the New Currency with Richard Orlando



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For the past quarter century, Richard Orlando, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Legacy Capitals LLC, has worked globally with executives, entrepreneurs, and professional athletes, as well as families, work teams, and organizations, who strive for success or have already reached significant levels of success.

Author of Legacy, Dr. Orlando has an interdisciplinary background, holding degrees in computer science, business, and psychology.

Dr. Orlando is on the board of director’s at Urban Hope in Staten Island, New York. He was born and raised in New York City, and currently resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with his wife and their children.


~ Before Pen to Paper: Richard Orlando speaks about his background as experiences that “unfolded” and led him to write Legacy. The various professional and life experiences he had, allowed him to serve families that wanted to do more with their wealth.

~ Defining Spiritual Capital: What is spiritual capital? How is emotion connected to wealth? Dr. Orlando answers your questions.

~ FISHS: Financial, intellectual, social, human and spiritual capital – Legacy was written to awaken the spirit of a large number of people.

~ Living Your Legacy: Traditionally, the idea of legacy only focused on material assets. This was a limited perspective. Dr. Orlando tells us that “legacy” means more than what we leave behind.

Our legacy is shaped by how we live today.

~ Navigating Towards Positive Living: Each family will have their core values, principles, and faith. Whatever they are, Dr. Orlando advises us to be in touch with them so that we can use this as our “personal GPS” to make the big decisions in life.

~ Inner Investment: Dr. Orlando reveals his unique process of helping others discover their spiritual capital. This process allows families to assess how well they are integrating spiritual capital in wealth management.

~ Giving Back and Lasting Happiness: The term “philanthropy” means “the love of humankind”. Richard Orlando tells us that giving back is about helping people in small and large ways, and investing this energy results in lasting happiness.

~ Supporting the Millenials: Creating avenues to give back is a rising trend. The informational age is allowing people who may not have the material resources, to work for a larger cause.


Transformation is an ongoing process. The book was a major catalyst for Dr. Orlando. He speaks about how his book has awakened meaningful relationships, humbled him, and made him more reflective and purposeful.

The book doesn’t stop at Spiritual GPS. How do we prepare the next generation? How do we contribute to lasting happiness and purposeful lives? The process of writing, itself, was transformative.

Giving Warriors means…

A Giving Warrior is someone who is courageous. Someone who is putting it all out there – however small, consistent or transformation – and really trying to make a difference in any way possible.


Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman



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