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GW026: Richard Branson on Cause and Commerce with InTrue Fashion



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In True Fashion is a competition-based entrepreneurial program that fosters creative, industrious thinking in students from underserved communities. Founded on cause, commerce & consciousness, In True Fashion builds self-esteem and work ethic through hands-on participation and promotes the value of products “Made in the USA.”

Above all, In True Fashion empowers today’s youth to dream big. In True Fashion was founded by Nancy Gale, owner/designer of JAMAH, an American Luxury Design House featuring the finest lambskin and exotic handbags, men’s bags and accessories, handmade in the USA. Nancy has done a remarkable job in attracting some of the most successful supporters including: Richard Branson, Bill Clinton and many more to her project.

Nancy Gale is the creative whirlwind behind luxury handbag line JAMAH. A Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, designer/owner, Gale is a leader in the emerging trend of exclusive, yet accessible authorities. She has done design for celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Hilary Clinton…..

Taking trendsetting to another level she recognizes that there is always more than meets the eye and states that fashion must consider more than external beauty. According to Gale, the trend of today and the wave of the future is timeless design that combines style, the knowledge that true fashion lies within and product that is “Made in the USA.” Gale says, “What is most important is to be who you are and embrace the beauty within. Personal style and comfort embody confidence and make the ultimate fashion statement whether you’re comfortably sleek, or sleekly comfortable.”


~ Bringing the Dinner Table to the Classroom: Who teaches you all the things you don’t learn in school? Nancy Gale describes In True Fashion’s mission as, “fostering entrepreneurial thinking in underserved youth”.

~ There’s always a ‘me too’: In True Fashion’s special session is called “there’s always a ‘me too’”, where students share their greatest fears and challenges. This emotional introspection allows them to learn better.Through innovative ways such as Boredom Shot and Dirty Word, students develop their confidence, explore themselves and create a footing in the world.

~ Tools to Success: Marketing, business and design are the key aspects taught in the organization. Students work with luxury items for a reason – they feel shunned from that world, and Nancy Gale wished to bridge that gap.

~ The Broad Scope of Marketing: The organization teaches the children a different kind of marketing – to sell themselves. They’ve gotten so good at it, that a sincere request on video earned them a visit from Richard Branson within 24 hours!

~Juniors and Seniors: Nancy explains the reason for reaching out to high school students their mindsets are geared towards exploring the “real world”.

~ Mentor Motivation: Each mentor has some autonomy with the program. Sometimes the mentor-student ratio is 1:1 and sometimes it is 1:10 – it all depends on how much time a mentor wishes to dedicate.

~ Not Equal, but Fair: Nancy Gale surprises us with a statement, “You don’t have to give back.” But she leads us home when she says, “You just have to give.” She shares her views on giving, social entrepreneurship and Richard Branson.

~ Cause and Commerce: Nancy talks about using In True Fashion to promote Jamah, and turning cause and commerce into a norm.


Nancy Gale has had a fortunate life. Her positivity has allowed her to bounce through the tough times. She speaks honestly about a most difficult time, when her students at In True Fashion saved her life. Nothing reinstates her faith in people than to see the dedication of her mentors.

This organization has taught Nancy that when she is out of her element, being immersed in something she is so passionate about is the best thing she could ask for.

Giving Warriors means…

Someone who doesn’t discuss it, doesn’t know any different – they go through life and know that they’ve got to give.


Curious George by Margret Rey and H. A. Rey

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl



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