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GW036: Living UNSTOPPABLE Lives with Cynthia Kersey


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Cynthia Kersey is the founder of Unstoppable Foundation, whose mission is to ensure that every child in the world receives access to education. She is the bestselling author of two books, “Unstoppable” and “Unstoppable Women”.  She has also co- authored several other books including “Wake Up…. Live the Life You Love” and “Walking with the Wise”.

Cynthia is a leader in the transformational industry, an inspiring speaker and a national columnist. Cynthia’s own story is also a personal testament to the Unstoppable message. She started as a secretary and eventually became a national accounts manager at Spirit Communication which she left to pursue her dream of helping others. Her passion for giving back led her to establish a non- profit foundation focusing on women related issues such as education, health, housing and empowerment.

Since its formation, the Unstoppable Foundation has had over 50,000 people attending workshops and presentations on the importance of education for every child, enable more than 6,000 primary school children to receive education and a daily nutritious meal, built more than 60 primary schools and 2 secondary schools for girls and enabled more than 20,000 people gaining access to clean water, sanitation and healthcare.


Get past your own human experience. Cynthia talks about a turning point in her life where she was encouraged to grow by moving beyond her personal pain to achieve a greater purpose. She reveals how this inspired her to do even more than she even thought possible and in doing so getting back much more.

~ The push and pull of following your calling versus making money at a job. Cynthia shares tips on following your purpose from her own experience on what made her take the jump and eventually leaving her for –profit business and instead following her passion in creating positive change in people’s lives.

~ The Unstoppable model – The foundation uses the “ Sponsor a village” model as a holistic solution for creating sustainable education based on 5 essential pillars that make it different from most other non-profit organizations. It is currently in 10 communities in Kenya, 3 in Uganda and 2 in Liberia. However, Cynthia is ready to take this to the next level and scale up to even more areas of need around the world.

~ You can’t do everything by yourself.  A crucial way the organization operates is through finding local partners who have the infrastructure, an already established relationship with the community and collaborate in implementing the project.

~ Creating generational change through education.   Cynthia shares incredible stories and case studies on how the program has positively changed not only individual lives of people and communities but also possible generations to come. Tune in to hear the inspiring stories.

~ People want to make a difference. The program helps people contribute in various ways to support the program.  Everyone can get involved from different levels, from companies to individuals. Hear the different ways and campaigns there are for people to support the program.


Cynthia is getting to live a life based on deep meaning and being inspired by giving. She strongly believes that the more you give, the more you get back in the most unexpected ways. You can’t out give the Universe or God.  Living a life of giving and contribution is the best way to live an extraordinary life.

Giving Warriors means…

Somebody who is fearlessly determined, strong within themselves and committed. These are people who are taking a stand for some of the most important causes in the world.  For Cynthia, it is providing a voice for the children who have no voices. She believes that we all have unique gifts and abilities that require us to use and step into making a difference. By not doing so, we are depriving the world and ourselves.  If not us, then who?


Unstoppable by Cynthia Kersey

Unstoppable Women by Cynthia Kersey



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