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In every business development process, somewhere in the midst of writing strategic plans and finding offices and hiring staff comes an important moment: designing your company’s logo. What do you want your logo to say about your business? Your logo will become your corporate visual identity, so the design is important.

Because so much marketing is done in the digital space today, logos have gotten much more complicated. Custom typefaces, dynamic color and even animations have become standard. Online it’s easy to give a logo a metallic glint or a colored shadow or any of a hundred different design tricks, but when you decide to put your logo on the t-shirts of your staff softball team, it becomes illegible.

So how do you make sure your logo will work across all platforms? Here are a few considerations to include in your design brief.

1. Keep it simple
2. Make it readable
3. Think about color
4. Size does matter
5. Be unique
6. Avoid being trendy
7. Don’t forget negative space

Need a good logo for your business? We are here to help, you can look at samples we have done for clients below

Sample Logos:

Logo 1 Logo 2 Logo 3***NOTE: Turn around time is 6 days


Logo Design with 2 Revisions: $100

Extra: Editable Source File is extra $25 (upon request)