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GW003:Madonna & DanceFormation with Carlton Wilborn



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Carlton Wilborn  is a globally respected Life Coach and award-winning author/performer and producer with over 20 years of film, television and stage experience, PLUS 10 years of acclaimed activity as a personal development teacher.

He began his career as a principle dancer with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and as the lead dancer with Madonna on the The Blond Ambition and Girlie Show tours. Carlton brings his artistic passion and dancer’s discipline to his calling of Empowerment Teaching, which has enabled him to contribute his knowledge and wisdom to churches, not-for-profit organizations and a cross-section of individuals throughout North America and internationally.

His work as a private coach, workshop facilitator and event speaker is supported by a multitude of self-awareness philosophies he has cultivated over the years, including Religious Science Practice, the Kabbalah, the Bible, the 12 Step Sobriety Program and Meditation.

The key principles that support his Empowerment Movement are Authenticity, Integrity, Forgiveness, Faith and Gratitude.


Discovering Dance – Carlton talks about his first angel – his dancer teacher, and his journey to dance!

~ The Madonna Connection – How Carlton’s original plans took a turn, when he decided on a whim, to audition for Madonna’s world tour, The Blond Ambition. This merged into a four year business connection with Madonna.

~ Who Runs the World? (GIRLS!) – Why Carlton believes that women are powerful and are the “meat and potatoes” of our world.

~ Give Me More of You – Madonna’s constant commitment to excellence has become the template for all of Carlton’s work. He credits Madonna for teaching him to find what is true in himself.

~ What Defines Innovation – Carlton has conviction in the fact that as we are authentic versions of ourselves, everything that we do is innovative.

~ Living My Truth – Carlton opens up about the challenges that he faced – revealing his sexual identity, being diagnosed as HIV+, which finally led him to his calling – dancing.

~ The Incarnation of My Highest Self – Dabbling with poetry (or “one line bullets”) resulted into Carlton’s first book – Front and Center. This was the first step to “peeling off the layers” and reaching his authentic self.

~ DanceFormation – An innovative, accelerated, personal development program!

~ Being Human – A technical glitch in the interview is left as it is – Carlton uses this interruption to talk about flaws, and being vulnerable, but always powerful!

And  much MORE….


After writing his first book, Carlton found that his biggest source of inspiration was himself. He lifted himself out of every dilemma by reminding himself to use the same principles that he offers to others.

His transformation was in realising that it is through helping others to find themselves that he receives the grace to thrive.



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The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav


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