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One dollar does good – Innovation in Non-profits

Sometimes, wanting to help the world can seem daunting – REALLY daunting, especially for those with big, open hearts just ready to give and love.

It’s like where can we begin? Fighting poverty and malnutrition? Where – how can I choose just one place over another, everyone is deserving of basic needs? How can I choose? And, that’s just one issue. What about illiteracy? Child labor? Aging adults? Victims of trauma? Cancer research?

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It’s almost enough to paralyze any good-hearted person into inaction.

But, sometimes, when faced with something overwhelming, the best thing to do, as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, is just take the first step even though the rest of the staircase isn’t visible.

And, often, the bigger the situation, just a teeny tiny step will do, followed by another, then just another, before that momentum gets some traction.

That’s where Jared Janes offers an alternative.

In October 2013, he formed Altruist with the idea to change the world $1 at a time.

By becoming a member at, people agree to give $1 a month, which is then distributed to the highlighted charity whether it’s Seva Foundation, the Solar Electric Light Fund or the Alliance for Aging Research.

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This month’s featured non-profit is Pencils of Promise, an organization that breaks ground on a new school every 90 hours and provides scholarships to hundreds of students worldwide so they can attend school. So far, it says 28,606 students have been served by their schools. And, the reports from the teachers get high marks – 85 percent of the Pencils of Promise teachers say they’ve seen an increase in student literacy and 88 percent are seeing hikes in student numeracy.

All this – and more – for $1 a month.

So, if and when you feel troubled about having to prioritize one of the world’s needs over the other but you so strongly want to do something to help make it even a little better of a place, consider For $1 a month, the pennies can turn into goldmines for a whole plethora of organizations dedicated to various causes throughout the globe.