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GW 03: Rethink Lung Cancer by Kristina Corrales

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Little is known about the deadliest form of cancer – lung cancer.  Most people associate it with the anti-smoking campaign – the dark, gruesome images that people look away from.  Two years ago, Kristina Corrales was browsing through Facebook, and noticed several posts that showed people wearing pink for breast cancer.

That was the moment she decided to wipe away the stigma linked with lung cancer. A few months later, was born!

Kristina is the founder of The Pearl Project – a mission to re-brand lung cancer, and empower more people to talk about it. Like most movements, this one began with a very personal story, the story of Kristina’s mother – her inspiration.

The logo is simple, yet powerful – a ribbon holding a pearl. Kristina hand designed the creations in a line called The Awearness Line.

The pearl is a symbol of elegance, grace, beauty and love – words that Kristina wants people to associate with the movement.

How did Kristina realise this mission with no previous knowledge of the non-profit world or the design world?

What were the challenges she faced?

What was the response of the community to the Pearl Project?

Kristina talks about the educational process of collaborating with cancer researchers, and her own definition of success for this project.

As the mission grows bigger, Kristina plans to take the Pearl Project from its current home on the internet, and into the world to reach out to more people.

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Start with Why by Simon Sinek

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GW 02: Creating Sustainable Community-Based Business with Warren Te Brugge


Warren’s passion is working with and empowering people. That passion manifested in the Manzimvula practice is mirrored in Warren’s foundation, My Arms Wide Open, where Warren works with mothers and children to break the chains of their parents past prejudices, to embrace and preserve their cultures and to think, act and make decisions that empower themselves, their families and their communities… ‘I am fortunate enough and grateful to be able to do what I love in both my personal and professional life.’

As a consultant and the principal of Manzimvula, Warren has worked with organizations large and small, learning and growing through our collaborations and experiences. This life experience enabled him to gather knowledge and understand cultures and to adapt and bring the principles and programs into communities through My Arms Wide Open.

My Arms Wide Open, Warren’s family Foundation, takes what is learned in the consulting practice and applies it using a similar community-based approach to its work in support of rural villages in his native South Africa. The Foundation works primarily with mothers and children in struggling communities throughout South Africa, helping them knit together positive intent with the actions of community members, developing opportunities for everyone through support, education and social enterprise.

Warren Te Brugge has worked in nearly 40 countries around the world, and in the private, public and government sectors. He has built and led cross-cultural teams, fostering development of thriving, international operations and united organizational cultures for a multitude of client organizations as well as helping communities unite around a common understanding and set of goals and outcomes.

GW 01: Learn How Creativity is a Hidden Healing Miracle with Carrie Herbert

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Carrie Herbert is the Co-Founder/Director of Ragamuffin International Arts Therapy, Training, Supervision and Consultancy Services. She is currently based in Cambodia, where Ragamuffin has been pioneering Creative Arts Therapy training and Services since 1999.

As a UK registered Arts Psychotherapist, Trainer, Clinical and Organisational Supervisor, Carrie has extensive clinical experience in the areas of: mental health, trauma and abuse, post conflict and emergencies, developing therapeutic programmes for refugees and asylum seekers, professional development, clinical supervision and de-briefing, organisational supervision and development. Carrie has conducted international consultancy work in India, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Peru, Kazakstan, Mexico and the UK.

Carrie Herbert MA Int. Arts Psychotherapist, UKCP Registered Clinical Supervisor, PGCE. accreditation body: UKCP, I.A.T.E.