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Tapping into your Inner CHILD

Tapping into your inner child

So, as we Giving Warriors carry on focused on our own missions of good-doing, it might help every once in a while to stop, take a breath and give into our Joy.

Yep, for a moment, just one moment, jump in that puddle, take out a crayon and draw some stick figures, laugh at the silly shapes to be found in the clouds. For one moment, give into that Inner Child, who wants to have fun and who wants to tap into the pure happiness in Life.

For after all, that’s really what we’re trying to do, isn’t it?

We follow our own versions of the Chopra Center’s Five Secrets of Joyful Giving – the give daily, give freely, receive gratefully, replenish your well and be present.

We know the Flow of give and receive and we know we’re in it – that special it that’s our way of giving to the world – to bring happiness to others. But, sometimes, that means taking a five-minute, or more, break and injecting some happy, some Joy into our lives as well.

It’s a way to give ourselves a gift, too.

In a January edition of Shambhala Sun, Karen Maezen Miller spoke of a macaroni art piece she made for her mother as a child and how she felt it inferior to any gift she could buy. Later, she realizes how meaningful that macaroni really was.

And, I leave you with her description of what a true gift is, which, I think, comes easier when rooted in a place of Joy.

Miller said, “The most profound gifts are the ones that don’t measure up to any standard. They are not excellent or grand, but unexciting and ordinary. They may not look like gifts at all, but like failures. No matter how they look, they carry the precious essence of life’s true nature, which is love.”


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