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Think Global, Act Local…

Think global, act local.

The phrase entices us to connect with thousands of others in remote, exotic locales through awareness and action and immediacy.

Of course, there are many different ways to act upon global thinking, many of which are available here at Giving Warriors.

And, the impact we can have when combining intention with effort can simulate the proverbial pebble-in-water ripple, which is not something to take lightly.

In a Forbes article last September, it focused on how the phrase works within business structures as well. Let’s take a look.

Giving Warriors

The article outlined four key structures to make a business successful, which could easily transfer into a guideline for personal principled living as well.

First identified, which would be very familiar if not part of the subconscious for any non-profit, is knowing thy mission. Right back to that whole why-I-get-out-of-bed-in-the-morning. But, on top of the reasons of being of service, why not add a little excitement and fun to that too. Can you find a way to combine the two? Now, we’re talking…

Second is the basic theory of integrity – make certain your mission and actions are aligned. Some of the basic tenants of healthy, whole living is to  know what our individual values are and to check that our actions are as closely matched to those values as possible. When they’re not, we’ve got these wonderful things called emotions (seriously, guilt, anger, sadness can all be flags something’s out of whack) that will help us evaluate things to see what we can do to bring these two back together.

Then, Forbes recommended building a community and then, not forgetting your team. That’s  like global and local mixed together. Branching out whether it’s around the block or in another hemisphere can really start to bring those bonds of connectedness together. And, with the Internet, email and everything else, that has never been easier.

But, don’t forget the people back home! Yes, we all have busy lives but developing relationships, getting support for ourselves and our dreams and giving it to those we love has the biggest payoff as all.


Just  make certain in both cases, you speak the language. It’s not just a matter of having marketing literature translated into dozens of different tongues or knowing different dialects yourself. It’s all about true, authentic communication – speaking from the heart, being willing to say what matters to you, what your concerns are and being open to hearing the same from others.

That way, bridges are built one at a time. Then, the numbers increase and more connections are made until what’s left is one enormous global hug.