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The Warrior Team

Dominique Silverman

Dominique was born in Saigon and moved to United States at 11 years old. She graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a degree in International Business and Finance. 

She currently resides in Tustin, California with her awesome hubby (who is a genius writer/author). Dominique enjoys the simple things in life, being silly, geeky science facts, yoga, martial arts, meditation, dancing, outdoors, and activities that challenge her comfort level.

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giving warriors

Sanaya Patel

Sanaya is Giving Warrior’s resident writer. An undergraduate Law student from India, she holds an unwavering faith in humanity. Her favorite teachers are the sun, the sky, the sea, and her secondhand, much loved piano. Sanaya believes in kindness. She believes in the power of Giving Warriors. With words as her weapon and the spirit of a fighter, this warrior is ready to discover the light of the world around, and inside her. sanaya

Kathleen Carey

Kathleen E. Carey is an award-winning journalist living outside of Philadelphia, Pa. whose appreciation for kindness began at a young age. With the emotional challenges of her upbringing, she learned how profound and impactful simple acts of kindness can be, whether they came from neighborhood friends or from strangers in the line at the grocery story. Today, she hopes that her own acts, no matter how big or small, simultaneously celebrate our uniqueness while also connecting us all to the core of Life itself.


Karina Patel

Karina manages the Social Media Marketing and is also involved in the Search Engine Optimization work for Giving Warriors. Karina is a Business Management graduate with a specialization in Marketing and Finance.

Karina believes that the power of giving and kindness is stronger than any other force. She strongly supports Giving Warriors and feels that every individual should do his/her own part by helping to make the world a better place.